After completing its acquisition of Wireless Matrix, leading datacom and satellite solutions provider CalAmp significantly expanded its portfolio of products and solutions. The time was right for a new website — one focused less on showcasing hardware and more on complete, user-centric solutions.

We worked closely with our client to establish a clear, confident voice. We wrote to a carefully crafted site structure that funneled users intuitively from common challenges down to the most relevant solutions — increasing the likelihood of conversions and follow-up calls. The copy lets audiences in a dozen specific industries know CalAmp understands their business.

Garfinkel embraces the definition of teamwork. Anytime I've worked with this group, they became a critical component of the strategy that led to results. They easily adapt to the medium and tone required. They deliver as promised, within the agreed upon budget. We'll definitely continue working with Garfinkel, and I can't recommend them enough.

Mark Freeman / Director, Marketing