Top 10 Reasons to Choose Garfinkel + Associates

  • 1


    Our combined talents and perspectives give you more and better ideas than any lone writer can typically generate.

  • 2


    Few shops specialize in the written word, and few writers can match our collective expertise.

  • 3


    When crunch time hits, our team delivers terrific copy — fast. The larger the project, the quicker we can accomplish it compared to a freelancer.

  • 4


    We write for results, and we often help shape our clients’ strategies and messages to accomplish them.

  • 5


    No project leaves our desks until it’s polished by multiple editors.

  • 6


    We take pride in consistently delivering great work, on time and on budget. You can count on us to come through.

  • 7


    Since we do everything as a team, your projects will never miss a beat, even if someone’s out sick or on vacation. We’re always here when you need us.

  • 8


    Most of our team members have been working together here for many years, satisfying clients day in and day out.

  • 9


    We have longstanding partnerships with specialists in virtually every aspect of marketing communications: design, digital, video, direct mail and much more. If additional capabilities are needed, we’ll find the ideal partner.

  • 10


    You’ll love working with us, and we’ll make you look great.