An entire firm of writers working together under one roof as one tight team? Yes, it’s uncommon. But our uniqueness is your advantage. The bigger the task, the harder the challenge, the more we stand out.

  • President

    Steve Garfinkel

    After starting early in journalism (paper route, age 10), Steve earned a master’s in English from Johns Hopkins University and had three jobs that he loved: He was a senior writer at Ogilvy Public Relations, assistant editor of a national medical magazine and a teaching fellow in English at Phillips Academy in Andover. Today Steve oversees all the G+A team’s work, doing a little writing, a little editing and a lot of orchestrating. (And he still reads the newspaper every morning.)

  • Senior Writer

    Steve Herndon

    Steve cut his copy chops 30 seconds at a time, writing ads for clients of a local NBC TV affiliate. In 15+ years at G+A, his prose has persuaded associations to improve their management, foodies to flock to Australian lamb and science stars to use their powers for good. When he’s not stuck on I-270, Steve enjoys reading what other people wrote and watching other people play sports.

  • Senior Writer

    Jill Marquardt

    Jill’s journey to G+A involved a newspaper in Omaha, an ad agency and tech firm in Denver, journalism school, business school and projects in Central America and Africa. While at G+A, she’s written everything from white papers on a wide range of B2B topics to web content promoting hair removal products. An avid traveler, she’s haggled with vendors and enjoyed cheesy late-night programming in five continents.

  • Writer

    Jordan Reabold

    After years of classmates imploring her to edit their writing assignments, Jordan saw it in her best interest to pursue a writing career. While studying English at Penn State, she earned her keep (pizza) as a writing tutor, blogger and tech writer — which also prepared her for a job as editor for a national trade publication. Now, at G+A, she seeks every opportunity to tell the client’s story. Off duty, she harnesses her creativity by making a mess of her kitchen.

  • Writer

    Karin Tanabe

    Karin loves telling stories — from one witty line to 100,000+ words. She has authored four fiction books, including The Gilded Years, soon to be adapted as a major motion picture. Her fifth, A Hundred Suns, will be published in April 2020. A graduate of Vassar College and a DC native, Karin is a former Politico reporter, magazine editor and tech writer. Off duty, she can be found speaking French, writing TV pilots and attempting to get her five-minute mile back.