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It’s a good thing our team loves huge projects, because ICF started us off with a whopper: more than 170 pieces of print collateral, each of which required interviews with multiple subject matter experts — and many of the subjects were quite complex. Before the ink dried on the last piece, we started adapting all the print content for ICF’s website, which then won the Web Marketing Association’s best diversified business award.

Our relationship has grown ever since — and the jobs have remained sizable. For several years running, we’ve led the writing for ICF’s annual Highlights Brochure, a multidimensional challenge of organization and storytelling. We’ve also developed large thought leadership pieces, major presentations, core messaging platforms, eye-catching ad campaigns and more.

On every project, the Garfinkel team has been fantastic!  They have an uncanny ability to quickly discern what we need to say and how we need to say it.  They always meet deadlines and are extremely competitive on budget. Their quality, professionalism and flexibility are a real asset. And the size of a project is never an issue. I would highly recommend G+A for any writing assignment.

Eric Lecky / Former Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications
ICF International