APHL’s mission depends on communicating complex scientific information to diverse audiences — a specialty of Garfinkel + Associates. In more than a decade of supporting APHL with writing and strategic guidance, we’ve developed memorable presentations, practical training materials and persuasive op-eds on topics ranging from bioterrorism to whole genome sequencing. We’ve created extensive public outreach campaigns featuring traveling exhibits, social media elements and other marketing tactics.

Our largest projects to date: researching and writing three full-length books shining a light on accomplishments of the public health lab system that have improved and saved countless lives.

I can see so many uses for this book in gaining support and understanding for laboratories and the people who work in them. It is not only a well done, timely and eye-catching publication, but the message it sends is clear and uplifting.

Jane P. Getchell / DrPH, MT(ASCP), Senior Director
Association of Public Health Laboratories