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National Association of Community Health Centers

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The Affordable Care Act rollout put community health centers in the spotlight: They faced a wave of new patients — who needed both care and insurance — under the nation’s new policies. NACHC needed materials to help its members absorb these new patients and communicate their success in doing so.

First G+A crafted articles for a special outreach and enrollment issue of NACHC’s quarterly magazine. The stories provided useful examples of how centers around the country were meeting the coverage challenge, accessing hard-to-reach populations and working within health networks.

NACHC’s audiences — members, supporters, advocates, partners and funders — also needed a compelling story of the year’s achievements, so G+A took on the organization’s annual report. We worked closely with NACHC to freshen its style and voice, and provided an energy boost to its member engagement efforts.

Thank you for the excellent work you did on our annual report. Having you as a part of the team took a great deal off my shoulders and made my life much easier. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Claudia Gibson / Executive Vice President for Communications
National Association of Community Health Centers