Consumer Education Booklet

Capturing knowledge, clarifying complexities, making hard science relevant to a range of readers — G+A’s writers have helped countless health organizations do all this and more.

For AMGA, we’ve been documenting Accountable Care Organization Collaborative meetings for years, distilling days of workshops into easy-to-use reports. These publications have equipped physicians and healthcare administrators with pragmatic insights for strengthening patient care.

Most recently, AMGA enlisted us for its three-year “Measure Up/Pressure Down” high blood pressure campaign. We wrote the initiative’s first annual report and then applied our creativity to consumer education materials.

Garfinkel continues to be an indispensable partner, working with us to craft our message for various audiences and delivering engaging content. They have consistently distilled complex and daunting material into easily accessible and clear narratives. Their team-based approach delivers the highest quality content, and we have greatly benefited from their expertise and insight.

Tom Flatt / Director of Communications and Publications
American Medical Group Association