In 2007, the Center for Afterschool Education (CAE) enlisted G+A to rewrite their website — crafting copy to both inspire and empower educators. Impressed by our work, CAE’s parent organization, Foundations, Inc., hired us to revamp their site too.

Our relationship has grown ever since. We’ve developed numerous brochures, ads, e-mails, flyers and more. Every year we provide print and digital marketing support to entice attendees to the wildly popular Beyond School Hours conference.

For years, we’ve appreciated G+A’s high-end, efficient work at competitive rates. But most importantly, they are so much fun to work with! Part consultant, part comedic relief, they have an incredible ability to distill our needs and produce great stuff. They ask terrific questions and often put us to the test on our strategies without ever holding things up. It’s business the way it should be! And the results speak for themselves.

Barbara Hare / Director of Communications
Foundations, Inc.