It was their baby: The entrepreneurs had spent months developing CharmedBar, their health and energy snack bar line. As they ventured into the marketplace, how could they go from startup to standout among a crowd of competitors?

By creating a high-end, grown-up identity. G+A quickly grasped the founders’ vision as they described their inspirations, their ideal customers and more. They knew they could trust us when we came back with ideas like “so, one bar is Audrey Hepburn and the other is Katherine Hepburn, right?”

In the tiniest spaces — wrapper copy, website headlines, ad copy — we conveyed the desired upscale impression. Our work helped bring a lively new product into the world and left our client happily satiated.

You guys killed this one. Awesome job of really understanding the client. You are my go-to and favorite copy writers.

Chad Birenbaum / Managing Partner
Duckpin Design