Pakistan Report

Afghanistan Interim Report

USAID needed to create the first-ever annual reports detailing its activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan — two volatile hotspots fraught with potential controversy for American policy. These publications would be read by lawmakers, policy experts and diplomats at the highest levels.

For each report, USAID relied on us to develop a strong theme and core messages that captured the nuances of the country’s history, the aid relationship and the ever-changing geopolitical climate. Above all, we had to tell the compelling human impact story of USAID’s programs while emphasizing data, accountability and ROI.

We rose to these challenges while keeping pace with rapidly evolving circumstances throughout the review process, which included multiple officials at USAID, the State Department and the White House.

We handed G+A a difficult task – to distill the intricate political and development landscapes of Afghanistan and Pakistan into clear, cogent prose. G+A not only led us with a brilliant message exercise, but also captured the contradictions and plight of the people through cohesive storytelling. Their professionalism and their ability to drive the process were unparalleled.

Jim Carey / Communications Specialist
U.S. Agency for International Development