The Partnership for a Healthier New York City

Health & Medicine

The Partnership — a complex, innovative public health effort to reduce chronic disease through community transformation — had no time to waste. If the organization couldn’t launch a website in a New York minute, it risked losing grant money.

Drawing on our experience writing about public health, prevention and other programs for diverse audiences, G+A distilled obscure jargon, created catchy headlines and incorporated feedback from a spectrum of stakeholders in just a little over two weeks.

The result: A useful site that reached out to community groups in every borough and provided a high-level view for public health professionals.

Garfinkel + Associates is such a great team of talent. I’ve always been impressed with how they think through problems and opportunities, what solutions they come up with, and how they work through it all with you. Great people, great work!

Dan Banks / Owner & Creative Director
Project Design Company