Urgency pervades everything Ending Pandemics does, and our creation of a fundraising case statement on a compressed schedule was no exception. Our mission: convince elite philanthropists to join the fight against global disease outbreaks.

Crafting a persuasive case was challenge enough. But we were also helping Ending Pandemics reposition itself as an independent venture from the Skoll Global Threats Fund for the first time.

Our team mined mountains of background material and interviewed public health experts to tell a concise, compelling story for busy readers. We conceptualized a centerpiece infographic that vividly conveyed the need for speed in pandemic prevention. We then added fact sheets and case studies to provide further detail on key initiatives.

The success led to work on another great cause: We developed a succinct appeal for the Skoll Fund’s Climate Advocacy Lab, which helps the climate community improve public engagement to effect policy change.